My Oily Journey

Have you ever heard of essential oils?? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you have! I started using essential oils three years ago after searching for a way to naturally support my sons skin.  He was that baby who NEVER had baby soft skin – it was always bumpy and red. We spent a FORTUNE going to doctors and specialists and time after time, they would prescribe a stronger and stronger medication in hopes that it would clear it up. Every appointment we would go into I would ask, “But what is causing this?” They could never tell me. They would just say he may or may not outgrow it and that these creams would help to alleviate the symptoms. The problem was that every time I would put these creams on his skin, he would scream, his skin would get even more irritated, and we would be worse off than we were when we originally started. Not to mention, the dryness kept getting worse. I would put baby lotion on thinking I was helping, but he would wake up the next morning with his skin even worse off than it was before he went to bed… I wanted to SCREAM! I could not fix his skin and nobody could tell me WHY his skin looked the way it did. They would just tell me to continue to try stronger and stronger medications… I had finally had enough!

I started researching natural remedies because I just knew that there was something that was causing my son to have the skin that he had. It wasn’t just like that for no reason at all. I came across essential oils and was intrigued. So, I started researching …. and researching… and researching some more. What I found was that there were SOOO many companies! How would I know which ones were safe? A friend of mine had posted about using Young Living essential oils, so I reached out to her. She sent me some literature about them and I started researching some more on my own. What I found was that Young Living has this “Seed to Seal” guarantee that is pretty amazing! Basically, they make sure they only have THE BEST essential oils for us! If they don’t meet standards, we don’t get them shipped to our door! (You can find out more about the process HERE.) So, after all of my research, I decided to order my very first wellness box with Young Living!

As soon as that box arrived, I opened it up and grabbed out the bottle of Lavender to apply to my son’s skin. He ran. He just KNEW it was going to burn. I was terrified. I finally convinced him to try it on one little spot and had all of this carrier oil sitting there in case it burned. After all, I had already researched what to do if an essential oil burnt you. To my surprise, I put the oil on his skin and he didn’t scream. You guys… he sighed…. it was like a sigh of relief. His skin didn’t burn! In fact, he said it felt better. Right away, he was a Lavender addict. So, I had found a way to help the skin, but I still wasn’t sure WHY his skin was the way it was. I started digging some more and decided that I needed to try to remove certain toxins and chemicals from my home because that can cause the issues he was having.

We started replacing the toxic cleaners, laundry soaps, shampoos, lotions…anything I could think of that could possibly have an irritant in it… with natural products from Young Living, or from products that I made in my home. GUESS WHAT?! He slowly started having fewer flare ups until eventually…. he had that baby soft skin that he had NEVER had before! Needless to say, I was hooked! I had all the proof I needed that these toxic chemicals were damaging our health and that we needed to be more cautions about what we were allowing into our homes.

Looking back, that one little bottle of Lavender was truly the first step to a complete lifestyle change. I have seen, and felt, a huge change in the health and overall wellness by ditching the toxins, and switching to natural products. Because of that, I have become EXTREMELY passionate about sharing how these oils have benefited our lives. You know that saying, “if something truly changes your life, how can you NOT tell people about it”?  Well…. here I am telling you all!